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So, today I changed my oil and put in a new set of Sylvania Silverstars, which I have to say are WORLDS better than the stock Sylvania's. They look great at night and are way brighter/whiter than the stock ones. However, when I went to turn on my high beams tonight, I realized that only my left high beam was turning on, and that my right one wasn't doing anything. Thinking that it was just the bulb, after I got home, around midnight, I brought out the mag-lite and started fiddling with the bulbs. Turns out that after troubleshooting, all bulbs go hi attached to the left harness, but they won't go hi attached to the right harness. When I was driving, I was only using the flash to pass and didn't try turning them on totally. Because of this, I didn't know that when I turned them on fully, the right one goes out completely, regardless of which bulb is in there...

What should I do now???

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