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i was wondering if any one knows if there is any headers for a gen 2 taurus (non sho) on the market. any info would be appreciated, links would help to thanks again.
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Nobody makes them for a taurus.

But you'd have to be making some serious power to need them. If you get to that point there is a ridge on the collector (of the 3.8L anyway) that you can port out, essentially enlarging the collector diameter from 1-7/8" to about 2-1/8"..

The downtubes, cats and Y-pipe are what needs attention, and nobody makes anything for a non-sho taurus in this department yet either. IF you can weld, you could fab up your own stuff (like I may do in the future).

Hope this helps,

You would also take a lot of time in designing the right lengths of the tubes - it takes a lot of trial and error to get the right combination of down low torque and high-end HP.
yeah i didnt think there were any o well, but i can weld so maybe ill give that a shot but idk bout the whole low end torgue and hp like what to do to get it all to work out well thanks anyway ill see what evolves
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According to Smokey Yunnick, you can only tune a set of headers to produce power in a limited rpm range. About 1000 rpms. So you could tune your headers for the top 1000 rpms of the power band and lose torque in the rest of the powerband. Not a smart idea for an automatic.
You can have some custom made. I know JBA made a set for Vadim at the SHO Shop for about $1000 ten years ago.

wow thats a lot of dough for some headers u think that the price has dropped within the last 10 yrs. how would i get a hold of this "JBA". as for the tuning of the headers thats a little to advanced for me i have no clue on how to go about that.
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I would expect the price to go up since then for one-off custom made headers.

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