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Head Unit For Sale

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SONY XRU800 X-tal Lock SSIR-EX diversity tuning 20 FM + 10 AM presets Best Tuning Memory 2-motor, full logic cassette mechanism Super laminate (SLT) head Station Memo memory Dolby B and C noise reduction UniLink CD/MD/TV/DSP control Custom File control, Disc Memo function, program bank, DSP file 9-track multi-AMS Intro/repeat/blank skip Pre out x 2 Full detachable face with case Twin LC status displays 2-color selectable illumination Full copper chassis for improved noise rejection Supplied wired driver's remote: RM-X33 Optional wireless remote: RM-X36 7 1/8 x 2 x 6 1/4" (WHD) USD$669.95 These are the specs for the head unit as you can see the price for the unit new was 669.95. The unit worked perfectly when it was removed from my car.
the unit is in good condition it has some scratches on it other than that it is good. if you want a pic email me ( [email protected]) and i will be more than happy to send pic and answer all ?'s
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well to clear things up yes it is a tape deck but it is also a cd changer controller, and no 695.oo was a suggested price it was not what was paid for it i am looking at 75.00
item sold
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