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I needed to do head gaskets in my 1993 3.8 equipped Mercury Sable. I broke a tap in the cylinder head, and I no longer have the resolve to repair the car at this point. Therefore, to try and recover my parts costs, I offer the following for sale:

For $400.00

- 2 resurfaced, pressure tested cylinder heads with new valve seals (bill to prove resurface and pressure test work)
- Complete upper head set including head gaskets, valve cover gaskets and plenum gaskets. Set is missing the valve seals as I installed them on the heads in the last point.
- 2 Sets of head bolts (Fel-Pro) brand (one set required per head)
- 6 spark plugs (Motorcraft)
- 1 rotor (Motorcraft)
- 1 Distributor cap (Motorcraft)
- 1 Oil Filter (Motorcraft)
- Other Motorcraft sundry parts which I can't remember

This should be everything that you need to complete a head job on a Mercury Sable or Ford Taurus.

For $100.00

3 Year old Rad. I may even have the original bill of sale

For $60.00

Alternator with new bearings and brushes. Bill to prove work.

For $500.00

Take everything above. If you're in the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada area, or are willing to come drive here, I will INCLUDE EVERTHING ABOVE INCLUDING THE WHOLE CAR IF YOU WANT IT for $500. Car is virtually rust free and has an excellent interior, the transmission is in good shape, and has two newer tires.

Lots of options for those who are interested. I hope someone takes all including the car! It absolutely breaks my heart to see this car go for scrap because of my stupidity with an air tool.

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Now parting the whole car

Everything's for sale!

Good headlights, light bar, interior.

Because of my location, large body parts may not be of interest due to shipping costs, but all small parts available

Feel free to contact me on any parts you may need from my car.

Looking for offers on the following:

Package 1 - Tune Up & Rad Flush
Distributor cap Motorcraft DH-434 (E6AZ-12106-A)
Rotor - Motorcraft DR-375-A (E6FZ-12200-A)
6 Spark Plugs - Motorcraft AWSF44C
Thermostat - Motorcraft RT-1152 (YF1Z-8575-BA)
PCV Valve - Motorcraft EV-153 (F1DZ-6A666-BA )
Oil Filter - Motorcraft FL-400S (E4FZ-6731-A )
Serpentine Belt (Not Motorcraft for an A/C 3.8L car)

Package 2- 2 Heads, HG's and New Headbolts
2 Heads, machined & Pressure tested
HG set
Head Bolts

Again, make me an offer I can't refuse!

3.8 L Engine odds 'n ends.....

From a '93 Sable 3.8L V6 I have:

- Plenum c/w Throttle body, IAC and EGR Valve (All in good condition.... they worked fine in the Sable before the HGs went)
- Intake Manifold
- Fuel Rails c/w Injectors
- Valve Covers (Black Ford Originals)
- MAF Sensor
- Exhaust Manifolds c/w EGR tube

Make me an offer on any of this stuff if your interested.
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