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The pressures in the pump output line are 800+ psi. No real way to fix it. New lines can be had for around $40 to $50 from Rockauto. I just replaced the high pressure PS line on my 95 Vulcan this weekend, and it wasn't that horrible of a job, just time consuming. Needed an 18 mm crowfoot, which I didn't have, to get the line off the rack. Local hardware store that usually has every weird tool I need didn't have one, so I bought an 18 mm wrench and 3" long 3/8" drive extension. Cut the head off the wrench, and welded the cut off head to the 3" extension at a 90 degree angle. Worked perfectly.

Well that's not exactly true. You can take the line to a shop that does hydraulic work and get a new
line that is pressure rated crimped on. Maybe a place that works on forklifts. Whether that's
cost effective is debatable. Or if you had a buddy that has access to a industrial hydraulic crimper
you might be able to do it yourself...

Now if you had a line that was non longer available this might be your solution.


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I have done over 50 head jobs on the Taurus and Sable engines plus other makes and models.
If he has no transportation you have to do what you have to do.
Not a problem to swap the head bolts out later on if that is the only option.
Felpro gasket sets for all my jobs.

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About the Head Bolts.

What about getting *NEW*, replacement, high quality, high strength, re-usable head bolts from some good company like ARP Fasteners ?

Has anyone done that? Would anyone recommend that ? You think it would be very expensive?

Why go again with those "Torque to yeild" Headbolts ? If they are a one time use bolt ?

Seems like a waste ...

I think if you are going to go to all the trouble to do all this work (replace head gaskets / takes a lot of time and effort), then I think it would be wise to use the BEST gaskets and BEST parts you can find / afford. And do this job as best you can.

That job / that work is so critical to the whole functioning of the whole engine / and therefore the whole car - I do not think you want to skimp there.

Even if you've gotta borrow a couple hundred bucks off some relative or whatever - get good quality new head bolts.

Take the time and do the job properly. Research the whole job very well. And plan well, get all the supplies you'll need.

I think the car will be "out of service" for awhile - to do this job properly yourself.

Not so easy. You may wanna get the help of a garage / professional mechanic and shop - on this one.

[ A person I know, found an independent guy / an "at home mechanic" who allowed him to help himself, weekends and free times, with his engine rebuild and re-install. If you can find a mechanic who will do something like that with you, you'll learn a lot - and gain the help of an expert, and maybe his shop, tools etc. to help you with this important job ]

This major repair is gonna cost some money (probably mostly in labour) - no matter how you look at it.

I may be looking at head gaskets myself at some point in the near future, due to a possible slow coolant leak into the engine / or cylinders / not totally sure yet. I am still monitoring.

I have read a few opinions, that some think that it is "not really worth it" to spend the money and the labour to do head gaskets on an old Taurus, with many miles ... it is not an easy job / will cost a lot / not sure how it will turn out / may have other issues after. That you are better off looking for a much newer car at that point.

Personally, I am not sure, if worth it or not ... depends.

You'll have to analyse your personal situation and the car and your other options.

This stuff is never easy.
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