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1999 Taurus SE Wagon (dohc, ax4n)
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OK, I'm about at my wits end. At this point I want to upgrade my head unit. A client has previously upgraded my speakers, added amps, and a custom sub (pics below for anyone interested shot before completion. We removed 3rd row seat, and build included custom cover over sub) into my 99 Taurus Wagon. I've also got a Tranzit Blue bt adapter and a direct input that I believe goes directly to the amps.

I have the auto climate controls, so this is not just simply buy the faceplate that has the 3 holes for the heat, vent, and speed controls. I would prefer to NOT put it in the glovebox but will if that's the last option. I made a center console but a few months after we are re-opened, version 2.0 will be coming out. I don't really have space in the current design - I have a scanner, CB, inverter, 3x gauges, storage with arm rest, cup holders front and rear, USB outlets front and rear, and switches to control a few accessories.

Any in-dash suggestions? Have you seen anything that you can send a link to? I'm not a body guy so I don't think I could cut, sand, fill, contour, and paint something, though that thought has crossed my mind.

I'm probably at my wits end because, like a lot of you, I'm also trying to find stuff to do and avoid being stir crazy. I hope you are all safe and well.

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