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Hey guys, I am new to the taurus mods and I have a question.
I bought one of those MAF resistors that you put in the IAT sensor and have been running with it for a couple weeks now. When I start my car and toss it in to reverse (say if I am in a hurry) my tori will stall. If i rev the engine a little bit, the car pushes out some gray/blue exhaust and is fine after. I only started noticing this post install of the resistor. I have noticed some pickup difference, but I dont know if it is worth the chance of damage to the car.
Any suggestions?

Also, I just got a MAF adapter and a 6" Kool blue cone
, and it is rockin. Great mod.

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Well, the resistors make your car run rich. Excess fuel in the combstion chamber will wash the oil from your cylinder walls and create scratches or other imperfections that will screw up your compression. Also, running rich will cause your catalytic converters to fail earlier than normal.
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