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Hard-wired Radar Detector

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So, back when i was 16 i decided to hard wire my radar detector in my car (99 GA) because the dumb thing kept falling off the windsheild every time the bass hit from my system (dumb suction cup holder)...

So here is some pics, and instructions of how it all was done
I am considering doing a similar project in my 03 Taurus

This is a picture of the radar detector itself. The off white color wire leads to a button that turns on/off the VG-2 protection. The wire below leads to a LED (Light Emitting Diode) panel.

The picture above displays a button that controls the VG-2 protection and also the speaker. The speaker was strategically placed where the seat belt rolls into the side of my car, for its the closest place to my ear. Loud music frequently covers up the ticket-saving beeps the radar detector emits. (pic of my friends hand holding it -- mine arent that pudgy

The LED panel was placed on top of the dash. Note that since it was a leased car, i couldnt mount the LED panel in the dash, or any other better, less conspicuous areas.

The radar dector unit itself was placed in the front grill of my car.

Things id do differently would be of course make it more inconspicuous, hide wires bettter, integrate the LED panel, etc etc
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Originally posted by mk7@Feb 3 2004, 06:13 PM
the valentine detector isn't all it's worked up to be really, they're pretty scandalous for allegedly paying magazine editors etc to give them good reviews. go to radartest.com.
Mind you I am no radar guru, I've never even owned a detector myself (i just don't speed =p) but I did have a friend who had a val in his car. Everytime i rode in that car it would go off, everytime it went off there was a cop. It was always dead on except for like one or two times that i can ever remember.
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