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Hard-wired Radar Detector

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So, back when i was 16 i decided to hard wire my radar detector in my car (99 GA) because the dumb thing kept falling off the windsheild every time the bass hit from my system (dumb suction cup holder)...

So here is some pics, and instructions of how it all was done
I am considering doing a similar project in my 03 Taurus

This is a picture of the radar detector itself. The off white color wire leads to a button that turns on/off the VG-2 protection. The wire below leads to a LED (Light Emitting Diode) panel.

The picture above displays a button that controls the VG-2 protection and also the speaker. The speaker was strategically placed where the seat belt rolls into the side of my car, for its the closest place to my ear. Loud music frequently covers up the ticket-saving beeps the radar detector emits. (pic of my friends hand holding it -- mine arent that pudgy

The LED panel was placed on top of the dash. Note that since it was a leased car, i couldnt mount the LED panel in the dash, or any other better, less conspicuous areas.

The radar dector unit itself was placed in the front grill of my car.

Things id do differently would be of course make it more inconspicuous, hide wires bettter, integrate the LED panel, etc etc
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Originally posted by Schimmel_98@Dec 16 2003, 01:00 PM
Thats pretty cool, but my question would be... what about the rear? The reason they have you mount it in the middle of the window is so that you can detect radar behind you as well as infront of you.

I wonder if it is 2 different sensors, that could maybe be wired on both sides? I think it'd be neat to wire the display into your gauge console. I too have thought about doing this, but I can't get caught speeding PERIOD for 12 months or I lose my license for 90 days and have to pay like $200 to get it back, then I get put on SR-22. So, I have A LOT of incentive not to speed.
Well, i did consider this before taking on the project, i was going to buy two and mount one in the rear, or even 4 ... one on each face of the car.... and make a panel with just 4 LED lights in the shape of arrows to show which side of the car the radar is being detected from...

but when i took apart the radar detector unit, it was amazing to see how they make it a 3D detector... they have a peice of clear plastic that "directs" the radar to the front detection unit... litterally a peice of plastic that goes from the back of the detector to the front... i think they were aiming for a fiber optics affect..... so that didnt have me too concerened about missing the rear detection

and as for mounting 4 of them...it was too much money, and it worked well enough with the one in the front
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Originally posted by jason8225@Dec 16 2003, 01:28 PM
With the detector in the grill, how did you keep it from getting wet and ruined?
The detector itself wasplaced back into it's origional shell, and where the wires were coming out the back, i cut a hole and made a type of graumet out of silicon for them to come out of... then i took some silicon caulk to make the rest of the seals.....it worked great through rain and snow for 2 years that i had the car
bump--thought more people would be interested in this
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Originally posted by Frugle@Jul 26 2005, 12:56 AM
what happens when the cop has a laser gun instead of a radar? do they still work?

don't cops use something else also to fool the radar detectors?

Edit: daaaannngg,, I just noticed... talk about a dead thread revival... this is an old one.
most radar detectors have a laser detector too. Most cops do not turn on their radar guns until they are right in front of you.. kinda makingthe detectors pointless now.
Originally posted by sfblacksel+Jul 28 2005, 02:45 PM--><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (sfblacksel @ Jul 28 2005, 02:45 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> <!--QuoteBegin-SHOZ123@Jul 26 2005, 09:34 AM
Radar detectors are of limited good in the city, I still would like to know when I'm being clocked.  And they help alert you to the presence of the police.  Out on the highway though they can tell you of radar that is being used miles ahead or behind.
I would beg to differ the use of radar detectors in the city. I have seen sooooo many speed traps in the city it is crazy. I usually know about 1-2 miles ahead, so they are clocking the cars a few lights ahead of me so I know when to be cautious. I also use my radat to learn new speed trap areas in the city and to spot NEW undercover cars that seem to pop up around here all the time. I saw one the other day with licence plates from another state that was about 15 driving hours away. :dunno: [/b][/quote]
What i have found, in the city...after driving through the normal areas over and over again, you begin to remember where the Radard detector will give false alarms.. so anytime it goes off when it normally shouldnt, you can be saved...only bad thing about this is you might be unaware of a cop by lets say, a grocery store.
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