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What's strange about this problem is that not only did it happen to my 99 taurus but also to my 98 mountaineer. Both problems started with the same symptoms.

Both cars sat for awhile. the taurus's battery was completly dead and I had to use the battery charger to start it. It gave me a real hard time starting but it did. I drove it around the block a couple times and everything was working. When I parked it, it would not restart. It won't even start using the battery charger. I have taken the battery to autozone and it tested good. The battery also starts other cars with no problems.

Same with the Mountaineer. Except this time, the truck started real hard by itself. I didn't need to use anything like the battery charger. But same outcome, drove it to a gas station and tried to restart it and nothing. couldn't jump it, put a new battery in it and nothing. All the lights and dingers do what they are supposed to, but turn the key and nothing happens. Lights don't dim, nothing clicks, just nothing happens.

Any idea? It just seems strange that two cars did the same exact thing.
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