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Hello everyone, I'm just new to this forum, and have recently purchased a used 2003 Taurus SE. I am very pleased with the performance thus far. Today I noticed that the passenger side floor was soaking wet; the drivers side dry. We have been experiencing much ran in central Ontario lately. Have any other owners experienced this problem and know were the water is getting in? Thanks..Sleeman
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Yup. Take it to the dealer. They will fix the problem. Its something with the passenger side floorpan. I dont recall exactly, but its been talked about here before.

Its a pretty common problem in 2000s.

Unless you've got more than 36,000 miles on it, the warranty should still apply.
Unless, of course, you get a stealer like I had; he claimed my car had to have been in an accident (it wasn't), so the warranty was void. I took it to Ford's customer relations and they stood with the stealer. Illegitimates, all! :angry:
There is a TSB ( Technical Service Bulletin) for the leak problem coming in through the passenger side cowl. I had this problem and the dealer replaced the cowl under warranty. When I first complained about it they said it looked fine to them. Two days later it was pouring and I drove over to the Dealership dragged the Service Advisor out in the rain snd showed her the water leaking from under the dash onto the passenger side floor. There is also a grommet under the floorpan in that area that can leak like Duratechie says. The best way to tell where the leak is coming form is too park the car when its raining outside. If water is leaking from the cowl it will be obvious as it drips down. If its from the rubber grommet in the floor pan it will leak as you drive around from underneath but not when it is parked. Welcome to the TCCA! Stick around for a while its worth it.
Thanks for all the help, it's scheduled to go in this thursday. The service advisor told me that every Tuesday & Thursday they have a technician who is on staff, that specializes in " leaks"....can you believe that?
When i worked at the dealership I had a guy who did all the leaks also. Usually there is one guy or gal who is good at fixing certain items. While your at the dealer ask them to run OASIS to see if they have any recalls on your vehicle. There just might be one that the previous owner did not take care of.
Hi: I had the same water leak problem on the passengers side on my 2001SE Gen 4. I found the problem to be that the sealing gasket on the cabin air filter was allowing outside water enter the front floor area. Since I replaced the cabin air filter with a new one...no more leaking and the carpet and floor are now dry.
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