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Pic of battery cable split of ground wires. I pealed back the plastic cover to inspect, it is good, no corrosion this car. My '04 new buy and did not get to checking under the plastic. Failed to crank and found the cables corroded through under the plastic cover. That plastic serves no good reason, just keeps acid fumes under.

Next pic, added secondary ground cable to fender. Light color flat cable, under the cable clamp bolt, and other to the not common noticed ground bolt back by the air intake. The OE cable to the fender is OK but like other Ford grounds bolted over paint.
Next pic, firewall ground for PCM, sensor returns, and negative power from the Alt to the body. This one caused bad idle.

Last pic, cut of the grounds that are attached to the fender back by the air filter box. May be important.

The three grounds to the body, should be removed, one at a time, sand paint off where it clamps, treat with grease to prevent rust, same for the bolt.

The secondary ground to the fender is nice, easy to do, and for me, I had couple of these cables in my shop.

Happy grounding.



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