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Greetings. Ive surfed here often but never posted. This week I bought my wife a 03 SE. Ive got a few questions. It was a former Enterprise car. We got a great deal on it, not exactly the car I would have bought for myself, but its exactly what she wanted.

The dealer said the car didnt have keyless entry. I thought keyless was standard on 03 SE's. The only keyhole is in the driver door.

Ive never seen a genIV with foglights, not an option?

Im adding a spoiler for her and tint. I would like to add duels, mostly for the looks. Will a stock genIII duel setup work on my gen lV? I can get one for next to nothing.

Thanks in advance for the help, my current car is a 03 Focus ZX3, some mods, we bought the Taurus to replace a 92 Continental, I also had a 91 SHO, so we have kind of been Taurus people off and on........
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