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Took the plunge tonight and signed up...we've recently acquired Taurus #4 - its got issues - plus we have a major project in the near future. Figured I may need to get advice now and again, being the DIYers that we are. ;)

Here's the low-down on our current stable:

1998 Taurus SE Sedan Engine: 3.0L 12v, less than 89,000 miles, purchased used. In the garage more than its being driven, long story.

2004 Taurus SE Wagon Engine: 3.0L 12v, 204,000+ miles, purchased new. Parked, did not pass state inspection. Body decomposed, frame exposed. Is gonna get a new life soon....

Upcoming addition to our stable:

2002 Sable Wagon Engine: unknown Mileage: unknown. Has broken tranny (literally in pieces). Engine is ok, we think. Our project car - goal is to use our '04s tranny (engine and any other working parts, too, if needed) and make a working vehicle out of both cars.

The Sable was garage kept....body's in great shape for its age.

Then we also have those 2 non-Taurus, non-Ford, vehicles sitting in our drive (which shall remain nameless).

One last comment, I've been driving one Taurus or another for the last 21 years. My first was a '97 SE sedan, followed by a '97 SE wagon w/3rd seat (family expanded, needed a bigger vehicle), which was followed by the 2004 mentioned above. I love these cars....I hate that we can't save our '04 as I'm rather attached to it....they are workhorses and fun to drive!

If we can get the '98s issues resolved, that car just might see me through to retirement. :)

Jean aka crzy4coffee

(Please excuse any typos...sent from my phone)
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