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Hey y'all,
Just about to join the Taurus community, got a call from the dealership letting me now that my bull will be ready to be picked up this coming week. I purchased a used 2013 Taurus SEL with the 2.0L ecoboost in White platinum metallic tri-coat with 37000 kms so about 23000 miles.
This car will be a nice upgrade from my current vehicle a 2011 Honda civic se and my previous cars before were also Honda's. I gained interest in ford after getting a ride in my friends 2011 mustang GT and then my parents purchased a 2011 Ford Flex and was very impressed. I was in the market for a bigger car with some upgraded goodies and it was between the Bull and a 300 S but the 300 just didn't talk to me the way the bull did.
When I test drove the bull felt in command of the road, very secure and super comfortable. Keyless entry, Nav, back up cam, heated seats and leather that sealed the deal for me and the wife. I have a few plans starting with tints, HIDs and some other lighting upgrades and maybe axle back exhaust for now.
I'm looking forward to see more engine parts for the 2.0L ecoboost, all I can find is fusion parts/upgrades. Anyways glad to be a part of the group and I'm open to any info you guys can send my way.

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Welcome to TCCA! We all like pictures here so, snap a picture or two and post them here in the "Bull Stable"
Post a Picture of your Bull!

If you haven't done so already, please edit your user information to show what kind of car and what engine you have. That helps other members with any questions you might have about your specific car.

The search feature will be your friend around here as most topics/issues/modifications have been covered at some point, most times with the resolution to the issue.
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The Topic Finder is VERY useful for LOTS of good information about our cars!
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Enjoy, and again welcome to the club :thumb: :tcca:
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