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Yeah, The bumper to bumper warranty is gone! Heres the funny thing tho the in service date is Jan. 5th so I somehow timed the mileage to runout the day before(11 hours actually) the three years warranty ran out also.
I got a picture of the odometer at 36,000 and 9/10's miles but it will have to wait till I install some software that came with my camera. Funny tho I still have a drivers side window that has been fixed like 6 times at the stealership it still gets this high pitched buzz at stoplights or when I first put her in gear. I last had this "taken care of" last week.
I chose not to get any sort of Ford ESP or extended warranty of any kind. I thought about it and it just didn't make sense to me to bet my engine or tranny would go out. Those are the only repairs that I would have a slightly hard time handling. I really can if I need to, but who wants to throw a$2k at a car for repairs anyhow. I also thought I do the maintainence on the "frog" very faithfully so if something that major goes its more bad luck. The best news is now I can mod the car in any way I like without worry about having to fight Ford if something broke . Yay! Soon as it warms up my Anonda FSTB is going in.

I recently broke the 36k mile mark, too.
But I had my flowmaster put on and the FSTB before the warranty was up, lol. I also put in my subs & new speakers while the car was under warranty. I had the car in twice - once for the belt squeal and again for tire balance or something and they didn't say anything about my modding, lol. I did buy the PremiumCare warranty though. They gave me a good deal on it, about $600 so I figure I'll weasel something out of them if something breaks despite the mods. Although I don't really expect anything to break anytime soon (*knocks on wood*).
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