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Gotta Love My Performance

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As many would know there isn't much to do to a Taurus vulcan so I decided to take out the huge silencer for my 94 Taurus. I did unleash some extra performance but it hindered my driveability. At idle laugh at this guys, I see a set 1500RPM. After a while it will go back to 1100 but rev it and there you see the 1500 again. I think that this is highly affecting my gas mileage:( . I also have tried power braking but see that the torque converter is set at 2000. So if anyone knows where I am getting at. From the start I am basically power braking stoplight to stoplight. Any way to lower the idle? I know that the Idle screw shouldn't be messed with because it is set at the most it can be closed. I also noticed that the revs are much faster.
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have you tried resetting your computer? You might want to check your IAC valve, it may be bad.
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