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Gotta Love My Performance

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As many would know there isn't much to do to a Taurus vulcan so I decided to take out the huge silencer for my 94 Taurus. I did unleash some extra performance but it hindered my driveability. At idle laugh at this guys, I see a set 1500RPM. After a while it will go back to 1100 but rev it and there you see the 1500 again. I think that this is highly affecting my gas mileage:( . I also have tried power braking but see that the torque converter is set at 2000. So if anyone knows where I am getting at. From the start I am basically power braking stoplight to stoplight. Any way to lower the idle? I know that the Idle screw shouldn't be messed with because it is set at the most it can be closed. I also noticed that the revs are much faster.
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Power braking usually reffers to holding down the brake while reving yuor engine while in gear, it causes your front end to shake. but its nott good for the mounts or engine if done alot
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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