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Got It Down To 3 Possible Cars

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So I decided that i'm getting a newer car.. and after hours of searching, i've narrowed it down to 3 potential cars.

This one is my favorite, it's a 2000 SEL 61k, fully loaded, leather seats, they're asking 8,750

This one i really want to, especially after having a sable. It's a 2001 LSP, fully loaded, 39k, warranty and they're asking 8,950 or best offer...

I really like the color on this one...It's a 2002 SES, fully loaded, no leather seats, 45k and they're asking 7,200

what do you guys think?? Are any of them good deals? Thanks for your time!!
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Just doing a cursory check, Jerome-Duncan Ford has a 2001 LSP with higher mileage for about 500 less than the one you're looking at. In other words, that's a good price, but seems a bit high if it's a private sale. If you like that one, I'd offer $8450 & see what they say. You've got to figure that you could talk down the dealer a bit or get a 100000mi warranty thrown in.

The SEL looks nice with the leather & sunroof, but again, it's just under $2000 more than the much newer 2002 SES that also has 15000mi less.

So, if I were you, I'd probably go for the 2002SES or I'd go in & offer $8400 on the Sable.

Keep us posted!
2001 SES - 35,934 mi - $7450

Private Ad:
TAURUS 2002 SE, 30k mi., loaded, burgundy, $7,400, 313-999-3098

Just some food for thought. . .
1 - 2 of 61 Posts
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