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Got Huge Compliment From Dealership

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I took my bull in last sat. to get some things looked at List of Repairs thread so I get a call from Shamrock Ford in Dublin, Ca. it's the service manager, Les. He tells me that they are looking into the problems on my list. He said " I can tell you care very very good care of your car. All the guys in the service area have been commenting on it." I asked "what are they saying?" he said "they are walking by doing double takes, stopping to look inside, and just saying what great condition it is in." I said " Yea, I'm a little A.R. (anal retentive) about it." He laughed and said " Yea, but I didn't want to say that, but it's a beautiful car." He asked about the decal on the back window, and the piece covering the ford oval on the back were, I explained the TCCA to him. He seems stumped for a minute then said "that's really cool, nice to see a club about the Taurus/Sable/SHOs." :jump_with_joy:

Yea boyeeeee....represent!!!
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mines in good condition and when i take it in to the shop to get warranty work done, they give me excuses on why things arent broke :rollseyes:
MUAHAHAHAHA I do all the work myself.. who needs a shop??

wellllllll, unless it's warranty work
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I had the guy tell me last time I got the oil changed that my engine was cleaner than what was sitting on the showroom floor

He was right too, they were dusty
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sweeeet!! that rocks. I like it when i get techs at shops asking me "is that thing an sho??" After a question like that i want to ask them "are you reeeally a mechanic?"
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