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Goodyear Gatorback Belt For Gen4

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Well, I think it is time to change the belt. I got 50K on my bull and squeaking even after some cleaning is driving me nuts, so might as well put on a new one.

I hear a lot of good things about Goodyear Gatorback belts. Any on-line stores that sell them?
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Auto Zone carries Gatorback belts.
yeah belts are not too much money so it'd be easier to just go pick one up at a parts shop. whatever they have generally works great...if your belt is snapping there's likely another problem (i.e. your tensioner).
Why would you want to buy it online? You save a few pennies on tax, but have to shell out a couple bucks on shipping.

Anyway, I got mine at Bennet Auto for around $30.
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