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I've been a member for at least 7 years, and wanted to drop all of you a note of thanks and goodbye. I have spent many hours on the site over the years trying to troubleshoot issues, and keep the bull on the road. I have also enjoyed the many "spirited" discussion that have sprung up over the years. Those of you that were active about 4 years ago know what I'm referring to.

I am the kind of guy that likes to drive his cars until they literally fall apart. I like to feel I've gotten full value out of the cars. I certainly did out of my 1997 GL. I ended up trading it in this past Monday with 147000 miles on the clock, and that's just a bit less than driving around the world SIX TIMES! I've recently started in a new role and need to travel almost 400 miles round trip each week, and just felt "it was time". I most definitely had a failing bearing in the engine. The engine would clack like a pair of castanets at idle. I also had a warped head from a coolant loss issue a year ago that I fixed with a K&N block sealer product. (That product worked very well. It took two applications, and since then I've been driving the car very hard around town and doing that round trip at 80 mph I described every week since early November.)

At the end of the day, I stopped by my local Honda dealer last weekend and they made a deal on a new 2010 Ridgeline -- I still can't believe the deal I got. I was going to sell the bull privately, but then they offered me $1200 even with all those problems and that sealed the deal. I left the old girl there at the dealers, running very well.

Over the years I have replaced the CPS a couple of times, flushed the trans a few times, dropped the pan once for a full service. I've gone through 3 batteries, 4 sets of plugs, 3 coolant reservoirs, 3 belts, a tensioner and idle pulley, and a new set of plumbing for the windshield wiper fluid. I've replaced the o2 sensors a few times, the VSS once and the multi-function switch too. I've WD-40'd the door latches (for the interior lights) and both banged on a door and replaced a relay to fix various stuck power windows over the years. There's probably a few more things, but you get the idea...

Good luck to all of you, and I wish you many more years of safe motoring and fun times as you work on your rides.

Be well...
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