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Decals came in last night, I will mailing them out today or tomorrow.....

For those that have not brought one, there are plenty left to buy.

Link to decal purchase details


The colors are: White, Silver, Blue, Red, and...(hold on to your seat)...SEXY BLACK!!! I have one (1) Yellow one but that already has a home on Shadow (Mark)'s Yellow SHO.

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Yippy Skippy, what size are they? I gotta check my funding, but I think I might be able to squeeze an order in. Right now, 5 bucks can mean the difference between insurance or no insurance. Around here they steal your car for lack thereof. Legalized Grand Theft Auto, when in Article 14 of the U.S. Constitution the state can NOT require a license or insurance, but oh well. Saves hassle and allows me to keep my car.
Anyway, catch y'all a bit later. I need to know the size though, because I always have to have a place to put them before I make orders. LOL

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