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AAC. Auxiliary air control.

AAP. Auxiliary accelerator pump.

AAC. Auto adjusting suspension.

AAV. Anti-afterburn valve.

ABDC. After bottom dead centre.

ABV. Anti-backfire valve.

ABSV. Air bypass solenoid valve.

A/C. Air conditioner.

AC. Alternate current.

ACC. Air conditioner compressor clutch.

ACT. Air charge temperature. Temperature of the atmospheric air as it goes into the engie.

A/F. Air / Fuel ratio.

AFC. Air flow control.

AT. Automatic transmission.

A/T. Automatic transaxle. Also "Automatic Transmission" in some texts.

ATF. Automatic transmission fluid.

ATX. Automatic transaxle.

B+. Battery positive terminal.

BAT. Battery.

BPS. Back pressure sensor.

BOO. Brake on/off.

BVT. Backpressure variable transducer.

. Degrees Celsius.

CANP. Canister purge solenoid.

CCC. Computer command control.

CCRM. Constant control relay module.

CCW. Counter clock wise.

CDI. Capacitor discharge ignition.

CEL. Check engine light. See MIL.

CV. Constant velocity.

CWM. Cold weather modulator.

DC. Direct current.

DI. Distributor ignition.

DICS. Dual intake control solenoid.

DIS. Distributorless ignition system.

DLC. Data link connector.

DPFE. Delta differential pressure feedback EGR.

DRL. Daytime running lights.

DTC. Diagnostic trouble codes.

DVM. Digital volt meter.

EAI. Electronic control ignition.

EATC. Electronic automatic temperature control.

EDF. Electronic drive fan.

ECA. Electronic control assembly.

ECT. Engine coolant temperature.

ECU. Electronic control unit.

EEC. Electronic engine control.

EGO. Exhaust gas oxygen.

EGR. Exhaust gas recirculation.

EI. Electronic ignition.

EOBD. European onboard diagnostics.

ER. Engine running.

EVAP. Evaporative emissions control system. Usually referred to as the "carbon canister".

EVP. EGR valve position sensor.

EVR. Electronic vacuum regulator. External voltage regulator.

. Degrees Fahrenheit.

FF. Flexible fuel.

FP. Fuel pump.

FTSB. Front tower strut bar.

GEM. Generic Electronic Module.

GVWR. Gross vehicle weight rating.

HEDF. High speed electronic drive fan.

HO2S. Heated oxygen sensor.

HSC. High swirl combustion.

IAC. Idle air control.

IAR. Integral alternator regulator.

IAT. Intake air temperature.

ICM. Ignition control module.

IDM. Ignition diagnostic monitor.

ISC. Idle speed control.

KDS. Kickdown switch.

KOEO. Key on engine off.

KOER. Key on engine running.

LH. Left hand.

LIM. Lower Intake Manifold.

LPG. Liquified petroleum gas.

LUS. Lock up clutch solenoid.

MAF. Mass air flow.

MAP. Manifold absolute pressure.

MIL. Malfunction indication light. See CEL.

MLP. Manual lever position.

MT. Manual transmission.

NDS. Neutral drive switch.

Nm. Newtons meter.

OBD. Onboard diagnostics.

OBD II. Onboard diagnostics with extended capabilities to monitor emission controls as well.

OEM. Original equipment manufacturer.

PCM. Powertrain control module.

PCV. Positive crankcase ventilation.

PDB. Power distribution box

PFE. Pressure feedback EGR. Is a conventional ported EGR valve with a back pressure sensing tube attached to it. The valve is used in conjunction with a pressure transducer which supplies pressure feedback to the EEC-IV processor.

PIP. Profile ignition pickup. Profile ignition pulse.

PSPS. Power steering pressure switch.


RH. Right hand.

RPM. Revolutions per minute.

SHO. Super high output.

SJB. Smart Junction Box

SPOUT. Spark output.

TCC. Torque converter clutch.

TDC. Top dead center. Refers to the highest point in the cylinder that each piston reaches as it travels up and down when the crankshaft turns.

TFI. Thick film integrated.

THAC. Thacometer.

THERMACTOR. Exhaust air injection.

THERMACTOR II. Exhaust air injection using pulses of air present in the exhaust to pull fresh air into the exhaust manifold.

TPS. Throttle position sensor.

TVS. Temperature vacuum switch.

UIM. Upper Intake Manifold.

VECI. Vehicle emissions control information.

VIN. Vehicle identification number.

VREF. Voltage of reference.

VSS. Vehicle speed sensor.

WD40. Water displacement 40th formula.

WOT. Wide open throttle.

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A/C = Air Conditioning
A/F = Air/Fuel Ratio
A/T = Automatic Transmission or Transaxle
AAC = Auxiliary Air Control
AAP = Auxiliary Acceleration Pump
AAS = Auto Adjusting Suspension
AAS = Andy's Auto Sport
AAV = Anti Afterburn Valve
ABDC = After Bottom Dead Centre
ABS = Antilock Braking System
ABV = Anti-Backfire Valve
ABSV = Air Bypass Solenoid Valve
AC = Alternating Current
ACC = Air Conditioning Compressor Clutch
ACC = Activated Carbon Canister
ACTS = Air Charge Temperature Sensor
ACV = Air Control Valve
ACV = Air Cut Valve
AFC = Air Flow Control
AFM = Air Flow Meter
AFR = Air Fuel Ratio
AFS = Air Flow Sensor
AI = Air Injection
AIR - Air Injection Reactor
AIS = Air Injection System
AIV = Air Injection Valve
ALCL = Assembly Line Communications Link
ALDL = Assembly Line Data Link
ALU = Arithmetic-Logic Unit
APC = Adaptive Pivot Control
APC = Auto Performance Control
APS = Absolute Pressure Sensor
APS = Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
ASD = Automatic Shut-Down
ASDM = Airbag System Diagnostic Module
ASV = Air Supply Valve
AT = Automatic Transmission
ATC = Automatic Temperature Control
ATDC = After Top Dead Centre
ATF = Automatic Transmission Fluid
ATR = Accord Type R
ATS = Air Temperature Sensor
ATX = Automatic Transaxle
AWD = All Wheel Drive
B+ = Battery Positive Voltage
BAC = By-Pass Air Control
BACV = By-Pass Air Control Valve
BAP = Barometric Atmosphere Pressure
BARO = Barometric Pressure
BAT = Battery
BBDC = Before Bottom Dead Centre
BCDD = Boost Controlled Deceleration Device
BCM = Body Control Module
BDC = Bottom Dead Centre
BHP = Brake Horse Power
BMAP = Barometric/Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
BOV = Blow Off Valve
BPA = By-Pass Air
BPE= Bar Pin Eliminator
BPS = Back pressure Sensor
BPT = Back Pressure Transducer
BTDC = Before Top Dead Centre
BTU = British Thermal Units
BVSV = Bi-Metallic Vacuum Switching Valve
BVT = Backpressure Variable Transducer
C = Celsius
C3I = Computer Controlled Coil Ignition
CA = Control Arm
CAI = Cold Air Intake
CALPAK = Calibration Pack
CAM = Code Analysis Monitor
CAN = Controller Area Network
CANP = Canister Purge Solenoid Valve
CAS = Crank Angle Sensor
CB = Choke Breaker
CC = Cubic Centimetres
CCC = Combustion Control Computer
CCC = Computer Command Control
CCP = Carbon Canister Purge
CCV= Crank Case Vent
CDI = Capacitor Discharge Ignition
CEAB = Cold Engine Air Bleed
CECU = Central Electronic Control Unit
CEL = Check Engine Light
CER = Cold Enrichment Rod
CESS = Cold Engine Sensor Switch
CFC = Coasting Fuel Cut
CFI = Central Fuel Injection
CFI = Continuous Fuel Injection
cfm = Cubic Feet Per Minute
CFS = Cold Feed Switch
CID - Cam Input Device
CID = Cylinder Identification Sensor
CID = Cubic Inch Displacement
CIS = Continuous Injection System
CKP = Crankshaft Position Sensor
CMP = Camshaft Position Sensor
CO = Carbon Monoxide
CO2 = Carbon Dioxide
COP = Coil On Plug ignition
CPI = Central Port Injection
CPS= Crankshaft Position Sensor
CPU = Central Processing Unit
CRS = Coasting Richer System
CSSA = Cold Start Spark Advance
CSSH = Cold Start Spark Hold
CSV = Cold Start Valve
CTO = Coolant Temperature Override
CTR = Civic Typer R
CTS = Coolant Temperature Sensor
CTUS = Coolant Temperature Valve Switch
CTVS = Choke Thermal Vacuum Switch
CVC = Constant Vacuum Control
CVCC = Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion
CVH = Compound Valve Angle Hemispherical Combustion Chamber
CVI = Current to Vacuum Sensor
CVR = Control Vacuum Regulator
CVS = Constant Volume Sampling
dB = Decibels
DC = Direct Current
DCC = Diagnostic Circuit Check
DEE = Digital Engine Electronics
DEFI = Digital Electronic Fuel Injection
DFI = Direct Fire Ignition
DFI - Digital Fuel Injection
DFS = Deceleration Fuel Shutoff
DICS = Dual Intake Control Solenoid
DIS = Digital Idling Stabiliser
DIS = Distributorless Ignition System
DIS = Direct Ignition System
DLC = Data Link Connector
DME = Digital Motor Electronic
DOHC = Double OverHead Camshaft
DOL = Data Output Link
DP = Down Pipe
DPA= Drop Pitman Arm
DPF = Diesel Particulate Filter
DPI = Dual Plug Inhibit
DTC = Diagnostic Trouble Code
DVM = Digital Volt Meter
DVOM = Digital Volt Ohm Meter
E2PROM = Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EACV = Electronic Air Control Valve
EAI = Electronic Advance Ignition
EBCM = Electronic Brake Control Module
EBM = Electronic Body Module
ECA = Electronic Control Assembly
ECAT = Electronic Controlled Automatic Transmission
ECCS = Electronic Combustion Control System
ECI = Electronic Controlled Injection
ECM = Electromagnetic Compatability
ECM = Engine Control Module
ECPS = Electronically Controlled Power Steering
ECS = Evaporative Emission Control System
ECT = Engine Coolant Temperature
ECU = Electronic Control Unit
EDIS = Electronic Distributorless Ignition System
EDM = European domestic market
EEC = Evaporative Emission Control
EECIV = Electronic Engine Control (Version IV)
EEPROM = Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
E2PROM = Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EFC = Electronic Fuel Control
EFCA = Electronic Fuel Control Assembly
EFE = Early Fuel Evaporation
EFI = Electronic Fuel Injection
EGI = Electron Gasoline Injection
EGO = Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor
EGR = Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EGRC = Exhaust Gas Recirculation Control
EGRPS = EGR Valve Position Sensor
EGRT = EGR Temperature
EGRV = Exhaust Gas Recirculation Vent
EGT - Exhaust Gas Temparature (Sensor)
EHA = Electro-Hydrolic Actuator
EHC = Exhaust Heat Control
EI = Electronic Ignition
EICV = Electronic Idle Control Valve
EL = Electronic Loaded
ELB = Electronic Lean Burn
EMI = Electromagnetic Interference
EMR = Electronic Module Retard
EOD = Engine Output Data
EOS = Exhaust Oxygen Sensor
EOBD = European Onboard Diagnostics
EPOS = EGR Valve Position Sensor
EPROM = Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (chip)
ESA = Electronic Spark Advance
ESC = Electronic Spark Control
ESD = Electro-Statically Discharge
ESS = Engine Speed Sensor
EST = Electronic Spark Timing
EVAP = Evaporative Emission System
EVP = EGR Valve Position Sensor
F = Fahrenheit
FBC = Feedback Carburettor System
FBCA = Feedback Carburettor Actuator
FCS = Fuel Control Solenoid
FDC = Fuel Deceleration Valve
*FEOA* = Ford Escort Owners Association
FI = Fuel Injection
FIAV = Fast Idle Air Valve
FICB = Fast Idle Cam Breaker
FICD = Fast Idle Control Device
FLS = Fluid Level Sensor
FPED = Full Power Enrichment Device
FPM = Fuel Pump Monitor
FPR = Fuel Pressure Regulator
FPU = Fuel Pressure Up
ft.lb. = Foot Pound
FWD = Front-Wheel Drive
gal = Gallon
GDI = Gasoline Direct Injection
GEN = Generator
GND = Ground
GPM = Grams Per Mile
GVW = Gross Vehicle Weight
H20 = Water
HAI - Hot Air Intake
HC = Hydrocarbon
HEGO = Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor
HEI = High Energy Ignition
Hg = Mercury
HIC = Hot Idle Compensator
HO = High Output
HO2S = Heated Oxygen Sensor
hp = Horsepower
HT = High Tension
IAB-Intake Air Bypass also known as the secondary butterflies
IAC = Idle Air Control
IAS= Idle Air Stepper
IAT = Intake Air Temperature
IATS = Intake Air Temperature Sensor
IC = Integrated Circuit
IC = Intercooler
ICM = Ignition Control Module
ICS = Idle Control Solenoid
ID = Inside Diameter
IFI = Indirect Fuel Injection
IFS= Independent Front Suspension
IGN = Ignition
IHE = Intake, Header, Exhaust
IM = Intake Manifold
IMRC - Intake Manifold Runner Control
IRS= Independant Rear Suspension
ISC = Idle Speed Control
ISO = International Standards Organization
ITB = Individual Throttle Bodies
ITCS = Ignition Timing Control System
ITR = Integra Type R
ITS = Idle Tracking Switch
iVTEC = intelligent VTEC
JAS = Jet Air System
JDM = Japanese Domestic Market
KAM = Keep Alive Memory
KAT - Catalytic Converter
kHz = Kilohertz
Km = Kilometres
KOEC = "Key On, Engine Cranking"
KOEO = "Key On, Engine Off"
KOER = "Key On, Engine Running"
kPa = Kilopascals
KS = Knock Sensor
KV = Kilovolts
L = Litres
lb. ft. = Pound Feet
LCA = Lower Control Arm
LCD = Liquid Crystal Display
LED = Light Emitting Diode
LHD = Left-Hand Drive
LID = Light Emitting Diode
LOS = Limited Operation Strategy
LSD = Limited Slip Differential
LTFT = Long Term Fuel Trim
LWB = Long Wheel-Base
MAF = Mass Air Flow
MAP = Manifold Absolute Pressure
MAT = Manifold Air Temperature
MCS = Mixture Control Solenoid
MCT = Manifold Charge Temperature
MFI = Multi Port Fuel Injection
MIL = Malfunction Indicator Light
mm = Millimetres
MPFI = Multi Point Fuel Injection
MPG = Miles Per Gallon
MPH = Miles Per Hour
MPI = Multi Port Injection
MPV = Multi-Purpose Vehicle
ms = Millisecond
MT = Manual Transmission
mV = Millivolts
NDS = Neutral Drive Switch
NGS = Neutral Gear Switch
Nm = Newton Metres
NOS = New Old Stock, means new replacement parts for older car models, parts which aren't in current inventory, and no longer made, but might be stored at a warehouse somewhere. If you ask the Ford dealer for a part for your older Escort or other car, and they tell you it's no longer carried, you can prompt them to check NOS. Most original replacement parts for 1st Gens at least, if available, would be NOS.
NOX = Oxides of Nitrogen
NSS = Neutral Safety Switch (sometimes called Neutral Start Switch)
NTC = Negative Temperature Coefficient
NVRAM = Nonvolatile Random Access Memory
O2 = Oxygen
O2S = Oxygen Sensor
OBD = Onboard Diagnostics
OBD I = Onboard Diagnostics One
OBD II = Onboard Diagnostics Two
OD = Outside Diameter
OE = Original Equipment
OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer
OHC = OverHead Camshaft
OHV = OverHead Valve
OS = Oxygen Sensor
P/B = Power Bakes
P/N = Part Number
PA = Pressure Air
PAIR = Pulsed Secondary Air Injection
PAS = Power-Assisted Steering
PCM = Powertrain Control Module
PCV = Positive Crankcase Ventilation
PECV = Power Enrichment Control Valve
PFI = Port Fuel Injection
PID = Parameter ID
PIP = Profile ignition pickup
PnP = Port and Polish
PNP = Park/Neutral Switch
PPM = Parts Per Million
PROM = Program Read Only Memory (chip)
PS = Power Steering
PSI = Pounds Per Square Inch
PSP = Power Steering Pressure
pt. = Pint
PTC = Pending Trouble Code
PTC = Positive temperature coefficient Additional : This is applied to the way the resistance of a thermistor varies with temperature. In this case, the resistance will increase as the temperature raises
PWR = Power to Weight Ratio
Qt. = Quart
QWS - Quick Warmup System
RABS = Rear Anti-lock Breaking System
RAM = Random Access Memory
RFI = Radio Frequency Interference
RHD = Right-Hand Drive
RICV = Rotary Idle Control Valve
ROM = Read Only Memory
RON = Research Octane Number
RON = Rated Octane Number
RPM = Revolutions Per Minute
RWD = Rear-Wheel Drive
SA = Solid Axle
SC = Supercharged
SEFI = Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
SES = Service Engine Soon (light)
SFA= Solid Front Axle
SFI = Sequential Fuel Injection
Si = Sport Injection
SIPS = Side Impact Protection System
SOA= Spring Over Axle
SOHC = Single Over Head Camshaft
SPI = Split Port Induction
SRA = Solid Rear Axle
SRS = Secondary Restraint System
SRS = Supplemental Restraint System (air bag)
SRT = System Readiness Test
SS = Speed Sensor
SSI = Solid State Ignition
STFT = Short Term Fuel Trim
SUA= Spring Under Axle
SWB = Short Wheel-Base
SYE= Slip Yoke Eliminator
TACH = Tachometer
TB = Throttle Body
TBI = Throttle Body Injection
TC = Transfer Case
TC = Turbocharged
TCC = Torque Converter Clutch
TCM = Transmission or Transaxle Control Module
TCQLU = Torque Converter lock up
TCS = Traction control solenoid (SAAB 9000)
TCU= Transmission Control Unit
TD = Turbo Diesel
TDC = Top Dead Centre
TDI = Turbo Direct Injection (A turbo charged direct injected diesel engine)
TIV = Thermactor Idle Vacuum Valve
TKS = Throttle Kicker Solenoid
TPI = Tuned Port Injection
TPP = Throttle Position Potentiometer
TPS = Throttle Position Sensor
TPT = Throttle Position Transducer
TQ = Torque
TQC = Torque Converter
TSP = Throttle Solenoid Positioner
TV = Throttle Valve
TVS = Thermal Vacuum Switch
TWC = Three Way Catalyst
TWC+OC = Three Way + Oxidation Catalytic Converter
UCA = Upper control arm(s)
UDP = Underdrive Pulleys
ULP = Unleaded Petrol
USDM = United States Domestic Market
V = Volts
VAC = Vacuum
VAC = Volts Alternating Current
VAF = Volume Airflow
VAF = Vane Airflow Sensor
VCC = Viscous Converter Clutch
VCM = Vehicle Control Module
VDC = Volts Direct Current
VICS - Variable Inertia Charge System
VIN = Vehicle Identification Number
VR = Voltage Regulator
VS = Vehicle Sensor
VSS = Vehicle Speed Sensor
VTEC = Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control
VVC = Variable Valve Control
VVT = Variable Valve Timing
WOT = Wide Open Throttle

sorry if any overlap but came across this and it was very complete

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Fixed. Next, time to fix the spelling in the garage feature of TCCA...Asethetics has been there too long...

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The list should be called acronyms and abbreviations. An acronym is pronounceable. Abbreviations are not. EEPROM is an acronym. CPU is an abbreviation. Just sayin'.

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Regardless of what you call them - nice job guys! Only have one to add...when speaking of the Gen 6 we have used ACC for Adaptive Cruise Control.
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