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Item(s) Purchased: 1995 Ford Service CD

Date Purchased: July 2004

Experience: Positive

Shipping: Next Day Mail

Comments: Here's the thing - this wasn't purchased. Rather, it was sent to me, via next-day mail, from a request Generation 2 (aka Dennis Wolfe) had seen that I had posted.

His reply was simply, "Send me your mailing address, and I'll hook you up." He hooked alright, with the actual Service CD, not a copy! He asked not a peeny, even for the shipping.

This selflessness is not the exception with Dennis, it is the rule. In all my time here, I have seen, time and time again, Mr. Wolfe go well above and greatly beyond his call of duty to this website and it's cause/members. Buy from Generation 2 with the most utmost confidence, it will be difficult to find a better seller.
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