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well, as the title states... i've ran into another round of general dumbasses from Kent State. i'll list the 2 that took the cake in my mind.. 1 from last friday... and another today...


Yesterday started Kent's finals week, and for the most part if you have a commuter pass you can park in ANY commuter lot on campus, without a fear of getting a parking ticket. So I park in a commuter lot and go take an exam then work for 2.5 hours. Upon returning to my car after my shift, a lovely yellow envelope from the Kent State parking services was on my windshield.

According to the ticket, my car was in violation, saying I was parking out of location at a commuter lot, when I have a restricted pass to one lot, but due to finals, there were no restrictions, if you have a commuter pass, you may park in any commuter lot. Needless to say, I was quite angry... So i hop in my car and go to the administration building where the offices for the Parking Services are located, so I go in and quite to my surpise, they were very polite about the whole thing and completely removed the ticket from my car's record, so according to them, the car never even had received a ticket, which was how it was before today.

Last Friday:

I was driving my evening shift and I pull up to one of the mandatory stops along the route, and low and behold, a lady in a black GMC was blocking the stop, and I mean parked right in front of the shelter, causing me to be unable to even service the stop because we are not allowed to pass cars blcoking stops for safety reasons, even though the 30' bus I was driving makes it easy to maneuver. So I pull up behind her truck and lean on the horn several times and she doesn't move.

So after a couple minutes of me just sitting there and blaring the horn on and off, another driver that happened to be riding with me, said he'd get out and talk to her, see if he'd get her to move her car, so I let him out and he goes up to the car and knocks on her window and tries to reason with her... I was sitting behind the wheel of the bus, after a minute or two he stormed back to my bus and told me that he wanted to "knock her teeth out" because according to her he needed to quit being a **** and have me go around, even though I'm not supposed to.

After he got back on she moved her truck up a couple feet, thinking I'd go around, but again, we're not supposed to so I pulled up a little and started to blare the horn again. However, this time her son ran from the nearby dorm to the truck and they leave, but before that, she sticks her hand out the window and flips me the bird.

I do kinda wish I'd have talked to her and not the other driver, only because I would've told her bluntly after she told me to quit being a ****, that if she didn't move her truck, I'd call control to have them send out KSU PD because she was blocking traffic and was verbally assulting a bus driver, and upon their arrival and taking statements, she'd most likely get a nice hefty ticket for her troubles.

Cliffs: 1) Idiot from parking services gave me a ticket when i was legally parked...
2) lady thought her **** doesnt stink and could block a bus stop and get away with it.

just figured i'd share some general jackassery stories... even though they are nowhere near zorin's pizza delivery or risoworker's stories

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I was riding the shuttle the other day and some idiot parked their Hummer next to the bus stop. The bus driver just honked the horn (which sounds mighty wimpy for a bus) and drove around. One of the passengers riding up front told him to just stop there and block the person in.
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