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Gen4. Squeaking In The Crankshaft Pulley

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I have Gen4 with 50K on it. I am in Chicago, so sometimes we get those rains that cover roads with 1 or 2 inches of water.
Here is my problem, several times before I would run through a puddle or two on Lake Shore Drive and squeaking would start in the crankshaft pulley. It would squeak for a day or two and then it would stop. Once it rains again, squeaking comes back.

I think I did something stupid today. I lifted the car, took of the wheel, started the engine, and sprayed some WD40 into that bolt in the center of the chrankshaft pulley thinking it will take out whatever moisture is in there. Well, that said, now squeaking won't go away.
Any way to get this taken care off without going to the dealer?
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this is often caused by the belt slipping on the metal pulleys. putting WD-40 on it would make it worse, since that will help it so slip. if the belt is getting wet, it could be slipping and thus causing teh sound you are hearing. you may need to take it off and completely clean the belt and pulleys. don't apply belt dressing either, some people try that, it just makes it worse.
I don't think it is a belt, because if WD40 got onto the belt, wouldn't I have horrible problems with alternator, since belt would be slipping big time and nothing would charge?

If it is the belt, what should I use to clean the pulleys and the belt?
Well. I just went outside and sprayed some household degreaser my better half handed me. I sprayed someof that onto the pulleys. Squeek went away for about 10 minutes and came back after that. Should I be scrapping the belt and getting a new one, what brand to go for?
Chicago representin'. Try a little belt dresing - not much, just a small spray between the alternator pulley and the belt teeth. if the squeaking stops, it's the belt. if it doesn't, then it's probably the tensioner pulley bearings goin out.

If you think LSD is bad, you should try the roads down here in bourbonnais. vicious.
I have the same problem sometimes when it's wet. Luckily it hasn't occurred lately *knocks on wood* but I tried putting belt dressing on, too and I found that actually made it worse and made it sqeak for a few days. I have discovered that the best solution is to leave it alone until it goes away. Eventually I'm going to switch to a Goodyear Gatorback belt so hopefully slipping will never be an issue with that. If you do switch belts, I would try to clean the pulleys to make sure there isn't any type of lubricant on them that could start the squeal again.
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