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I unplugged this thing that was attached to the hood altch.. I have NO idea what it is.. But I think it made the Airbag light start blinking.. It blinks 3 times, then a pause, then 2 times...

Look at the pic.. It is the cable that is hanging infront of the radiator..

What is it? What does it do? Could it make the light blink?


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it probably one of the impact sensors. dont worry your airbag wont go off. just plug it back i to stop the light blinkng duh. if the airbag light is on that means there is something wrong with the airbag crash system. an error as u were. so the default procedure is to deactivate the system. in other words the airbag will no go off if u have a bad enough accident. so dont get in one.

and why did you unplug it in the first place?

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Originally posted by FatTortoise@Jan 6 2004, 11:18 PM
I unplugged it because I got in an accident, and I took off the front end..

I plugged it back in, and now it blinks 4 times, then 2 times..

I need a code puller
well maybe you need to reset the computer while its plugged in, then see if a code comes up?
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