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Gen4 A-pillar

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Does anyone know if the Gen4 A-Pillar is the same as the Gen3?

I was planning on adding a real oil pressure guage and a real temperature guage, and was wondering if Gen3 Guage Pods were interchangable.
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96 Mustang hardtop 2-gauge pod works. I fabbed one up for a member on here last year.
The second, smaller one. You can heat it up with a blow dryer or put it in the oven to help soften it up to mould better to the Gen 4 pillar. The top portion fits great, but there is a small gap at the bottom.

I used aluminum rivets and then painted on mine.
I've never done it with a 3-pod before, but I've heard of others using them with good results.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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