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Hi all,

I've been researching the possible causes for my 2000 Duratech SEL's recent failure to provide A/C (lots of great info and help to be found on here - thanks!), and there's one interesting thing I just came across where I'd appreciate some wisdom.

It seems that the part number for the 2000 taurus compressor clutch assembly is different than the one for all other gen4 taurus (2001-2007). This is going off of application details for clutch assemblies on RockAuto and Amazon. On RockAuto, Four Seasons P/N 47874 shows application for the gen3 taurus and the 2000 gen4 taurus. Link to the photo here.

For the 2001-2007 taurus, RockAuto has Four Seasons P/N 47882 (photo here).

So the obvious difference is that the newer model clutch hub has a different geometry, without the 3 rubber knobs and triangular plate. The pulley and coil look almost identical, except that the newer model's pulley has less slotting and so more contact surface. The thing that seems funny is that in almost every how-to on this forum regarding clutch gap adjustment or clutch replacement, people always mention those 3 rubber knobs and how you need a special tool to hold onto them safely while removing the hub bolt. Photos corroborate this.

Is it possible that there was a redesign done on the later gen4 taurus clutches that just wasn't applied to the 2000 model? Does anyone know why the assembly changed from 2000 to later models? More importantly, would it be possible to use the clutch for the 2001-2007 model year taurus on a 2000 (backward-compatible design improvement)? From what I can tell, the compressor has been the same all along (FS-10), so the only thing I can think would be an issue is maybe the pulley's diameter and/or lateral alignment with the serpentine belt and other pulleys.

Can I get a Go/No-Go on using the 2001-2007 clutch on my 2000??? Thanks in advance!
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