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I am finally getting around to changing the rack on my 98. took the air
plenum off to get access to the hoses from the top. got the top Power
steering hose off the rack with some cussing and a stubby 18. Now, the
one below it is giving me fits. I cannot seem to break it loose. I can use
the stubby once its loose. i just cannot seem to get any leverage on the
bolt to break it loose. any ideas? i thought about a crows-foot 18 with a
longer extension form the top, but i don't have a crows foot 18mm. suppose
i may have to buy one. harbor freight seems NOT to have that size in a set.

Also, i have seen things on line about breaking the clock spring.
They want you to tie down the steering wheel with a sling/strap or such.
Why not just leave the steering wheel locked down in center position?

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The crowfoot wrenches are the way to go. I got a set from Sears that includes the 18mm one you need. Cost for the set was about $45.00. Worth every penny. No cussing.
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