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Hello all -
I have available a complete set of Husky floor liners and truck liner. They are black in color; here is a link to the exact stuff we have available.

We had two 2018 Taurus cars; one white and one white gold. I say "had" because my wife totaled hers in some bad weather a few weeks ago. (She's fine, but car was wasted). I still have my Taurus. When we got the cars, I bought a complete set of these Husky liners for each car. Now that her Taurus is gone (replaced by a nice used 2017 Fusion), we've got one full set of liners for sale. The liners we have are in great shape; other than some typical dirt smudges they are near-new. They are only 6 months old. There are no rips or tears or voids. They are truly a custom-fit; high quality. They are not rubber; they are a firm but pliable polymer plastic. I wish they fit our Fusion, but the floor pans are different enough that they won't transition well.

You can see what we spent; we paid retail via Amazon. I'd be very reasonable and say we'd easily take 1/2 of that; $150 (negotiable) for the full set of floor and truck liners. I would also be wiling to separate them (interior vs trunk), if you were interested. Shipping pricing would be very fair; obviously depends upon where you live. We are in the Indianapolis IN market. I'd be willing to ship them as long as it's not an arduous task or some bizarre location half way across the globe.
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