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Gen 4 To 4.5 Swap Parts

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I was looking at the 2004 Taurus Front Bumper Cover, and I like how it looks alot better then the Gen4 ones, and I was wondering, you think it would fit on my 2002? Will the screw holes line up and such? I am pretty sure that if you change the front bumper cover, the cover will be fitted for the squarish grill.. Therefore, a new hood would be needed to make it look perfect.. Also, how about if you replaced the bumper cover, and left the grill out.. Therefore the hood will close, and mabye fit.. I dont know about it lining up.

Does anyone know if this works? Because my front bumper cover is in HORRIBLE condition, and has alot og bondo on it
and I want to replace it with a 2004 one..
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My guess is that it will fit with some small modifications... But I've never really touched/looked at a G4 up close and personal.

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This is just from me lookin' at the cars on the ford lot and stuff, but I think the 2004 are the same hood, the bottom of the grille is flat that's the only difference, which has to do with the bumper cover, and if you replace it with a new one you just need to prelace it with a new plastic grille. Or you can do something custom with the old one, and if it doesn't look good then do some type of metal mesh on it.
Yeah, even the head lights are the same. I just look at one in the show room today. I was unimpressed. You would need the bumper cover, and the grill.
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