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I searched the forums the best I could to make sure I wasn't posting anything that was already posted, and this is my first post, so my apologies if I'm doing anything off.

Before I explain how I got there, for those that just want the facts, for those who do not have an ashtray light, there is a gray harness on the RIGHT side (Scosche/Crutchfield instructions note the left) of the radio opening that has a darkblue/white wire that you can splice the orange Scosche wire and the orange/white illum wire from your radio and you'll have full functioning backlight AC controls and the radio will dim as well.

For those who want the full story:

I recently put in a new HU bought from Crutchfield who, for a reasonable price, will include the Scosche adaptor for installing the unit. As most people know, the instructions say to splice the orange wire into the blue/white wire going into the ashtray light on the left side of the radio opening. I didn't have an ashtray light, but there was still a blue/white wire that went to a gray harness, so I spliced on to that, however the backlighting on the AC controls were on all the time - even when the car was off. Turns out this is not the blue/white wire, but I mistook it because it was blue-gray/white - this is the constant power that powers the cigarette lighter.

I called Crutchfield, who didn't have a straight answer, but did offer a solution - to splice onto the accessory red wire so I could get power everytime the car was on. Not being satisfied, I wanted to look first, investigate, then decide if I wanted to splice the red wire.

Just FYI, the Scosche Kit is actually quite difficult to get out once its in - the remover tools are not easily guided to the tabs so I was having to go under the dash and pry it out that way. While down there, I noticed a gray harness connected to nothing with a blue/white wire and black wire coming from it. I spliced the orange Scosche wire and the orange/white illum radio wire to it, and now when I turn the headlights on, AC backlighting turns on and the radio dims - and if you turn the knob to dim the instrument panel, the AC controls dim as well.

Please note that this was my first HU install that was this complex and am quite the amateur, however I wanted to post this as information for those that might need it.

And just a couple of additional notes:

The light that is supposed to light up when the defrost is on is on anytime the backlighting is on, so there's no real change when you click the defrost.

The behavior of the backlighting works just like the instrument panel. I noticed the lights where on when I sat down in the car and I did not have the headlights on, but that was because I hit the unlock on my clicker - which apparently makes the instrument panel and AC backlighting turn on. When you leave the car, this either turns off on its own, or will turn off when you hit the lock button on the clicker.

This harness fairly difficult to get to - you'll likely need some additional 18 gauge wire to give you the additional wiggle room you need to splice the wire. It is a little easier if you disconnect the gray wire harness from the side wall.

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