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Gen 4 - How To Replace Rear Speakers?

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I'm looking at replacing my rear deck speakers, but they are top-mounted and I can't figure out how to get underneath the rear deck cover... any suggestions?
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Ugh... rear seatback - is it just the four main bolts? C-Pillar just pulls off?

Good deal, thanks for the help guys, I'm putting the sub in today and I'll get the speakers in soon!

BTW, is anyone running Polk EX357 speakers in the front doors? Crutchfield lists them as a good choice for the rear deck, but not available for the front... does something need to be modified to work? The specs look like it would fit...
I put a set of Pioneer TS-A6870s in the rear deck... no problem. four bolts and the seatback came off (bot the center seatbelt prohibited removing it from the car entirely, so I just pushed it out of the way...

Then the rear deck pulled right up after popping out the two push-pins... the C pillar covers do not need to be removed on a 2001, the rear deck is flexible enough to remove with the covers in place...

Thanks for all the help... now look at the next message to see my next problem (!).
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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