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Gen 3 Tweeter Pods

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yeah I'm looking for some gen3 tweeter pods
if you have any you want to sell just pm thanks
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haven't found any in a junkyard? Are you looking for the grills only, or the tweeters too? There are several taurii in the local junkyard, I can go take a look for you if you want.
I need every thing, I dont care if they have the tweeters or not I just want
to be able put after market tweeters in them
After market tweeters should come with mounting pieces for each twetter that you can scew into the place you want to mount them. I bought some tweeters, screwed them in and they are wonderful. To take the tweeters out, i would have to turn them then unscrew the mounting piece... I dunno if that helps.
it would look nicer in the pods
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