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Gen 3 Speaker Sizes

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Thanks for those whom respond!!

I need new speakers in the front of my Gen3. I have been told that they are 6x8 (or 5x7). When I look at the grill, it looks round, so you can see why I just want to make absolutely sure of this.

It is 6x8 rectangular speakers that fit in there.

Also: Would you recommend 2 way or 3 way in there?

Also: Can anyone help me find a link (preferably with pictures) showing how to get to those speakers in a Gen3.

Thanks! Happy Holidays!!

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i got 6x8 pioneer plate speakers up front and 6x8 pioneer 2 ways in the back. also have pioneer tweets in the mirror wired in to cross overs along with the 2 ways in the back. haha got another set of pioneer tweets and a jbl 80.4 i havent hooked up yet. looking into making some kicks...just gotta have the time and warm weather...
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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