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Gen 3 Speaker Sizes

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Thanks for those whom respond!!

I need new speakers in the front of my Gen3. I have been told that they are 6x8 (or 5x7). When I look at the grill, it looks round, so you can see why I just want to make absolutely sure of this.

It is 6x8 rectangular speakers that fit in there.

Also: Would you recommend 2 way or 3 way in there?

Also: Can anyone help me find a link (preferably with pictures) showing how to get to those speakers in a Gen3.

Thanks! Happy Holidays!!

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6X8's all around. I have kenwood 6879ie 2-ways for all four. For the door, take off the whole door trim panel. For the rear, take off the mesh grilles. If you buy new speakers from crutchfield, they come with instructions on how to replace the speakers.
The door panel looks a lot harder to take off than it really is. It's just a few screws...one in the doorhandle, a couple around the outside I believe... then just pry the clips out with a screwdriver. Yes they are 6x8's all around...

I recommend components in the front but do not be swayed by the many "ways" speakers come with. Often they are there to eliminate a noticeable hole in frequency range, more often than not the midrange where you do not normally think to listen. Everyone is struggling to make full range speakers that hit 25 Hz, why?!?!? that is for subwoofers to do, make a speaker with no holes in the range from say 80 Hz up to 20kHz!!!

Let us know what kind of speakers you are thinking of getting and we can help ya out.
Besides, human hearing range is from 20-20,000 Hz. why go up to 30-40,000? If you have the tweeters next to the mirrors (like i do), then the higher frequecies don't make that much of a difference anyway. my 6x8's are from 30-30,000, and my subs are cutoff above 120Hz.
On the later model Gen3's like my '99 the rear seat has to come out to remove the rear deck panel before you can access the speakers. The later Gen3's don't have the speaker grill in the deck panel. I have Pioneer 6x8's at all four corners, 2 way up front and 3 way in the back then I added some Polk tweeters to front window sails.
Twilight: Thanks for the encouragement, & 'ways' discussion.

Spridget: That last pic was very very helpful.

I was looking at the Polk 5" x 7"/6" x 8" 2-Way Speaker which is a 52Hz-22kHz.

My main concern after the "ways" question was whether these would fit from a thickness perspective. Not so much from the flange to the door, but the flange to the grill. Some of those 3 way speakers stick out an inch or two. I don't think the Polk does; I think it's flush across it's face.
I'm no expert, but I have made many changes and upgrades to stereo. If you have any questions just let me know.

I have an Infinity Basslink and 4 6x8's powered by a 600x4 amp (75w/channel RMS). I'm about to replace the Basslink with 2 12" MTX subs in a custom box.
Dont forget to go down to Ford and get about 20 new plastic pegs to put the door panels back on. The door will fit more snug with the new ones rather than using the old ones.
Originally posted by silvapain@Dec 22 2003, 11:20 PM
Besides, human hearing range is from 20-20,000 Hz.  why go up to 30-40,000?
Because SPL meters don't discriminate the way our ears do. And tweeters are much harder to blow than woofers. Adding a supertweeter and cranking the hell out of it allows the manufacturer to claim a higher output... even though we can't hear it. Plus, dogs like music too.
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I put a pair of 6.5" speakers in the front doors. All you need to do is to make a baffle for it. I used a 1/2" baffle. Just don't use more than a 1/2" peice of wood for the baffle.
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i did a little modifying to my doors and rear deck so i could put my infinity 3-way 6x9 speakers all around. I also amp them with about 125 watts, which is the rms rating dor them.
Originally posted by mth676@Dec 23 2003, 04:49 PM
i did a little modifying to my doors and rear deck so i could put my infinity 3-way 6x9 speakers all around. I also amp them with about 125 watts, which is the rms rating dor them.
I was thinking about installing 6x9's. What did you use to get them to fit?
My Sony Xplod 6x9's came with a template I traced out onto a sheet of 1/2" MDF and cut out with a jigsaw. I then predrilled and countersunk the holes (so the screws would go all the way in) and screwed these in far enough to go all the way down, then stuck the speakers on top and screwed them into the spacers. Boom, 6x9's in a 6x8 hole. lol
Out of curiosity, what's the point in doing all that to get 6x9's in when you san easily find 6x8's? Sure they go a little lower on the frequency response, but if you put in a sub it doesn't really make much difference.
i did mine mainly cause i already had them from a grand marquis that i had before my taurus and did not really want to have to sell my set of 6x9's that i had all around in the marquis. So i modified the taurus and saved myself a couple hundred bucks by spending $20 and 30 minutes to make ne mounts for them.

By the way twilight, i did the same exact thing! lol. talk about a coincidence, only i had infinity's. haha :roflmao:
I did the Xplods cause 6x8's were not available from Walmart, and I had store credit.

The bass response on these babies is phenomonal. I have to admit Sony made a good bass speaker. However anything over 500 Hz just plain sucks.
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component speakers are better, so what is the best size for a round speaker. 6 1/2"?
definitly a 6-1/2, but if you can go oval try getting a 6x8 or if you dont mind a little modifying and dont really want subs, maybe go 6x9's.
explain the speaker size to me. when looked up at my fav audio shop's comptuer, it reports the gen III is 5x7's all the way around. I bought 5x7s, they fit perfectly, they were the exact same size as the factory speakers. but when measured, they were actually 6x8 to the outside of the basket. when you say 6x8s, are you buying speakers that say they are 6x8, or do they say 5x7, but happen to have the actual dimensions of 6" x 8"?
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