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Gen 3 Sho Seats In My Gen 4 Sable

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well i was a little bored and kinda irked because of my rear pinch bolts so i decided i would install one of my SHO seats.. now everbody told me i would have to swap the base on these seats to keep the airbag sensor... not true the sensor actually bolts right up but a tab needs to be bent down and the trim piece cut to fit over it i will include a couple pics and explain what you are seeing, i think that would be the best way to describe it...

this is a little plug attached to my old seat i dont have any idea what it is but i really dont think it should be disconected based on the color and the complexity of the tab that hold it on

this is the airbag sensor and seatbelt end that i needed to swap over... i disconected the battery and waited a little while so i wouldnt screw up anything accidentaly. make sure to keep the nut that came off of the gen 4 seat because you will need to reuse it. if you notice the little rectangular hole right above the round one, that needs to go on the tab on the new seat so it does not pivot.

this pic is of the gen 4 seat belt on the SHO seat if you notice the end of the airbag sensor is under the carpet on the side of the seat, there is a metal bar under it that the carpet attaches to, it needs to be bent down and out of the way i just used a hammer and tapped it until i had the clearence i needed. also i forgot to take pics of the trim piece that covers all of this but if you notice the little metal clips that go into the trim piece, there are two just like that on the trim piece and they both need to be cut flush with the smooth part of the trim piece

this pic is to show the tab that needs to be bent down or cut off in order for the seatbelt and airbag sensor to fit on the seat correctly.. i used a hammer and just bent it down seemed to work well for me and didnt take much time

all the wires need to be routed out of the way of the motors and gears. there are two wires that go to the power seat motor one red and one black i am going to run wires under the carpet from one of the holes where the seat mounts then under the door sill/kick panels and then under the dash and wire it in...

now these directions are for passengers side seat only i have not yet pulled out the drivers seat... it will provide its own challenges mainly because of the power pedal adjust switch and the power lumbar on the SHO seat... but i believe the newer gen 4's have the pedal adjust switch mounted on the dash i may have to look into that. also i have not tested the seat to make sure that everything will clear the parts that were added/modified when i get the seat all wired up i will let you all know how it works..

i hope this helps all of you it should be the same for all gen 3 seats i would think.. also here is a pic of the finished product

if you have any questions just ask :)

i will add more pics of the this tomorrow night as long as i remember and will take more pics of things i forgot when i do the drivers side...
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G3 SHO leather.

My favorite part about my old G3 was my SHO leather.
$100 and it was the best upgrade to the car in the entire time my family has owned it since 1998.
My dad still comments today how much he likes those seats.
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