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The power antenna in the sedan and the wagon are very similar. The motor, connector, design, stalk, are all the same. The difference comes down to the:
--Rubber/metal on top that is jammed against the interior of the vehicle
--The gold metal bracket on the bottom.
--The metal bracket a 1/4 way from the top that balances/stabilizes the antenna.

Here's some pictures for proof:
The two antennas

Sedan "base", note the number "372"

Wagon "base", note the number "373"

Bracket for wagon antenna "380"

Back of sedan base

Back of wagon base

Part numbers (sedan one from a 98/left, wagon from a 97/right)

How brackets are attached sedan

How brackets are attached, wagon

Pull up on this to remove/swap

Both are the same

Note: you can pry away at the two metal tabs that hold the whole base onto the stalk, and swap them to a different antenna.

Bracket comparison

Power antenna wiring colors

Sorry for long post, hope this helps someone out.
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Still trying to figure out how the motor assembly comes out? Do I wiggle it out the bottom, after I remove the screws and bolts? Looks like it is tack welded in place, behind the panel. Do I need to cut off the mast, to get it out? It is stuck in the "up" position. Motor still churns away. '96 Taurus GL Wagon. Thanks!
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