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Hello people.

I have followed tauruskev's guide closely on changing to EATC, and I wanna do it to my 99 sable. If anyone has any of the following parts, or can get them somewhere, please get back to me with info:

1. Gen.3 ICP with EATC that is compatible with a 99
2. The RCC module for EATC
3. The IAT sensor that is mounted on the ICP (And maybe connector)
4. All the vaccum hoses and harnesses that attach to the RCC
5. OAT sensor mounted behind grille
6. Blower motor speed controller for EATC
7. Blend door actuator for EATC (the black one with ATC written on it)
8. Sunload sensor (maybe..)
9. A black tube that samples the air and is attached to the blower box via the passenger airbag spot. (Picture 1 below)
10. The white hose that connects to it and runs to the IAT
11. Maybe the bolts to hold the RCC and blower controller (If not, ill find a way :).)
12. Finally, the wiring. (Picture 2 below)

This may seem like alot to be gathering, but i feel that some of you on here probably know more than the dealers themselves! Plus, the salvage yards in my area are crap. They don't have much, and I feel that you guys would sell unused parts for cheap :) Thanks

Picture 1: EATC :: IMG_2605.jpg picture by tauruskev - Photobucket

Picture 2: EATC :: P3020972.jpg picture by tauruskev - Photobucket
(Photos not owned by me, credits go to tauruskev for them).
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