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Gen 3 Factory Radio W/digital Climate Controls

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I have a 99 Mercury Sable and I'm looking for a factory radio for it with the digital climate controls. It is okay if it is a bit scratched or whatever but must be functional. Non functional ones will be considered if I am daring enough to go modifying my stock unit without a working backup if I have an idea how it works.

I am trying to install an aftermarket head unit, and it's annoying having that radio there, so I'm going to see if I can bypass it completely and remove all its controls while leaving the digital climate controls intact. Additionally I want to have a place to mount a deck without putting it behind my shifter.

If anyone has one they are interested in selling, for a reasonable price, please let me know either by posting here or by email alex at alientelegraph.com.

Ford defeated me at every turn and in this I will come out as the winner.
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Did you ever get this project off the ground? I'm interested in replacing the factory radio/cassette unit on my 1996 Taurus. As my car is right hand drive, and they made a mirror of the dash panel, replacement aftermarket adaptors won't work - plus like yours, mine has electronic climate controls.


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