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I had these parts waiting to be installed on a 1999 Taurus that I used to own until it got into an accident. I've tried selling them on CL without luck and now I just want them gone. Local pickup only in the Fort Worth, TX area, all parts are new and in box. I can post pictures if wanted.

Front Brakes; fits 1994-2000 Taurus/Sable
BENDIX MKD601 - Front Pads
2xBENDIX PRT1903 - Front Rotors
2xCENTRIC (143.61018) - Caliper Repair Kits

Rear Drum Brakes; fits 1992-2000 Taurus/Sable
CENTRIC (112.05990) - Brake Shoes
CENTRIC (118.61006) - Drum Brake Hardware Kit
2xCENTRIC (134.61041) - Wheel Cylinders
2xCENTRIC (122.61031) - Drums
CENTRIC (119.61006) - Drum Brake Self Adjuster
CENTRIC (119.61007) - Drum Brake Self Adjuster

Front and Rear Struts/Springs; fits 1996-1999 Taurus/Sable
2xKYB SR4033 - Front Strut/Spring Assemblies
2xKYB SR4034 - Rear Strut/Spring Assemblies

Power Steering Pump; fits 1999 Taurus/Sable

CLOYES C3218 Timing Set; fits 1999-2007 Taurus
FEL-PRO TCS45973 Timing Cover Gasket
Purolator C25082 Cabin Air Filter
Wix 58815 Automatic Transmission Filter
Haynes Repair Manual 1996-2001 Taurus/Sable
Prestone 32oz DOT3 Brake Fluid
Purolator PureONE PL20195 Engine Oil Filter
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