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On my on going project 97, i had some O2 codes. I tried to pull the O2 sensors out and clean them
to see if that would help. I wire brushed the crud off the outside, shot them with carb cleaner
inside, flushed them out with water, then blew them out. Well two of them anyway.

The front O2 was not that bad. The one by the firewall was a bitch, but i finally got it.
I had the O2 socket with a socket thread on the back of it. Rather than use the 3/8 nipple,
i used the socket thread with a socket on a 1/2 drive ratchet. I finaly got it loose and out.
Not much room for leverage between the back of the motor and firewall.

Now the issue, #3. This is under the car facing up on the crossover pipe. I tried and tried
to break it loose, no go. I heard a slight crunch, so i might have wounded it.
Anybody got any tips on how to remove this? Its hard to get any kind of angle for leverage on it.

The exhaust manifold to y pipe bolts are rusted on, so dropping the y pipe with cats is not a viable option
at this time. The dam cat assembly on theis beast is pushing $400 aftermarket


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I had a P0156 diagnostic code a little while ago, which means:

P0156 O2 Sensor Circuit Malfunction (Bank 2 Sensor 2)

Bank 2 is the cylinder bank nearest the radiator, and Sensor 2 is the downstream sensor (after the Cat). Is this the one you're talking about?

A local Car-X shop wanted $189 for the sensor and $85 for labor, plus tax. I said "Forget it", went to Checker Auto Parts and bought the sensor for about $62, and planned on replacing it myself. After fiddling with the electrical connector first (for about an hour) and being completely unable to even disconnect it, I took the car and sensor over to a local service station and paid them $95 to change it for me.

Sometimes it's just TOO frustrating trying to do some of these things yourself (although I still saved over $130 vs. the Car-X price :D )............
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