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Gen 2 Sho Speedo

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I have a 95 GL and of course my speedo only goes up to 85mph. I was wondering if I swapped in an SHO speedo, what I would have to do so everything would work properly and it would read the correct mph. Also, does anyone know the max speed that the normal taurus can go if it is stock. Thanks.

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It's a straight swap. You don't need to correct the new speedo unless you take off the needle to correct the mileage. If you swap the whole cluster (including the tach and other guages) it'll work even if your old cluster didn't come with a tach. This is because the tach gets it's info from the wiring harness that the cluster gets plugged into. I'm guessing a normal Taurus can hit somewhere around 105-120 MPH.
Well, the instructions on the page that shows how to adjust the mileage states that you have to take off the speedo needle. If you don't take it off for any reason, you don't need to correct the reading.

You might need to adjust the temp/fuel, but just push them into position to where they'd normally read.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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