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Gen 2 Sho Headlights

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before i bought my SHO it was wrecked and the idiot who rebuilt the front end put regular Taurus headlights in it so if anyone out there has a pair of decent SHO headlights for sale id like to get them
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Just FYI - you might want to check for some on ebay - I see TONS of Taurus headlights on there for some reason, usually pretty cheap, too.
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yeah ive been looking there are quite a few on there but none that are really cheap i found one SHO headlight for 120 bucks hehe
I've seen a lot of them lately. They're usually around $29 or so before they get any bids. I'll eventually get some to replace my yellowed ones when I save up enough money.
I know I have at least one good one, possibly two. I'll check tomorrow and get back to you with details.
alright tell me your price if you find them
I got a couple from my 93 that I can let go for $50 SHIPPED for BOTH! Lemme know..
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