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Thought I'd make a posting & link here, to a long but successful trouble shoot & repair, to make it known & maybe easier for someone with a like problem to find it.

Have been chasing a random stall with intermittent IRCM relay chatter, or intermittent fuel pump relay operation before or after the stall, or intermittent cooling fan cycling on when it shouldn't, on my well maintained origional owner 94 3.8L, with 130k miles. No CEL lit, no pending codes stored.

The danged thing just suddenly began to act out about this time last fall, no warning, no rough running, surge, misfire, just suddenly, smoothly stopped running, no particular events preceed it's acting out & it always restarts without delay as though nothing had happened.

After extensive trouble shooting with a sizeable list of suspects, finally found it was spark that was going missing & narrowed that down to the ECM/engine computer.

By default I sorta hijacked a thread on the Engine/Drivetrain forum & there are 3 pages of inputs from myself & the origional poster who chimed in with his solution on his neighbors Gen-2 3.8L that he was trouble shooting & who was having similiar IRCM chatter, starting & stalling problems. SO, my trouble shooting & solution, which was ECM replacement are included there also. Here is a link to the gory details.

My computer mother board had about 75% questionable/cold solder connections, too many to consider reheating/reflowing the solder connections & many solder splash balls under the conformal coating, so this era work quality & soldering on the computer mother board is iffy on a large number of these ECM's, probably why many reman folks say they reflow all of the solder connections. So the ECM deserves to be put on your suspect list if your having random IRCM relay chatter with engine stall, or start problems ect.

Anyway my old but well cared for & beloved bull is "on the road again"!!!!
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