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This just started the other day on my girlfriends taurus. If you open any of the doors while it's running the check engine light and door ajar light will come on at the same time. If you close any of the doors you opened both lights will go out.. There are no other weird symptoms- everything works normally. This happens if the car is switched to "on" or if its running. If you open the doors with no keys, it shows nothing which is shouldn't. Its worth mentioning the brake light will come on at random times (Girlfriends description) Brakes don't need to be changed quite yet, and the fluid level is good.

I am very familiar with auto electrical systems as well as motors. I'm a truck guy- so my realm of knowledge is on the F-series trucks. I leave the taurus alone. So has anyone had anything similar happen. I was thinking possibly the GEM? It has been wet here with snow, and then snow melting. I know the f-150s had a problem with the front glass leaking onto the GEM's that were under the dash. Does the Taurus have a similar problem or am I way off.

Third thing I should also mention was several months ago when it rained the car alarm would go off randomly... Only happened I think twice before I disconnected the battery. Once I connected it back up there were no issues.

Any help would be greatly greatly apperciated.

Car is a 2003 Taurus SEL with a 24v Duratec. I know it has mach sound, sunroof, keypad on door.. I'm not sure what else you would need to know.
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