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Gas Tank Pressure & Engine Missing

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1994 Sable, 3.8 V6. During hot weather, heat soak from the road surface causes extreme pressure to buildup in the gas tank. In extreme circumstances, gas fumes will vent from the front of the gas tank. On a hot restart, during hot weather, the engine runs rough for a few seconds. Occasionally, the engine will start to run rough even while driving or idling at rest in hot weather. There is also an odor of gas from the engine most of the time after it is shut down. Has anyone had these symptoms and know the problem? Ford dealer computer diagnostics show no faults.
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I have a 1993 3.8 GL Sedan that does exactly the same thing. Hot weather creates something to over pressure the fuel tank and the whole car smell's like an open pan of gas. It's rediculous when with passengers.

I know that with a full tank of gas, this does not occur. Probably because liquid does not compress so there's less stink to vent from wherever the air/fumes leak from.

I am curious where the fumes come from and what is over pressuing the tank or what part is not holding the pressure as required.

It's been going on for years while the on duty mechanics don't want to be bothered with this fix. Any good tech's know what this might be??
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