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Ok, so this has been happening since as far backas I can remember, but I've never made mention of it on these forums...

Whenever I get into the car, before I turn it on, I have to press really hard (sometimes even have to fully kick) to make the gas pedal depress. Once it does go down, it works fine from there.. (then I start the car on go on my merry way) ... except that sometimes when driving, and not having my foot on the pedal for extended periods of time, it will stick a bit again, forcing me to hit the accelerator more than what I want to get it back to normal..

Is this normal?! Is there a fix for it?? It's not that it is a big problem or anything, it's just annoying as all hell..

btw - I have a 1992 Ford Taurus GL.. 3.0OHV Vulcan


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There was a discussion about this earlier. I believe they recommend spraying some Throttle Body cleaner and clean out the carbon deposites in the TB. That should make it unsticky.
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